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Floating staircase designs: Detailed look with suggestions

The floating staircase design plays an important role in the interior design - it is not just a functional element, but a nice addition to the modern design. Perhaps that is why it is increasingly used nowadays. It looks very classy and elegant with its filigree design, it spices up the interior, and leaves plenty of sunlight to enter.

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Thus, the floating staircase design is better, it is often made of the same material as the flooring, marble floor tiles and marble steps. In this way, the interior designers create visual connection between the first and second floor. The glass staircase is really eye-catcher and a perfect choice for small houses, it makes the room appear larger. Glass railing often give the noble architectural element the finishing touch.
Here we've answered your question of how to build floating stairs?

Floating staircase design - How to build floating stairs

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Floating staircase design - LED stair lights and railing

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