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Floating staircase designs: Detailed look with suggestions

The floating staircase design plays an important role in the interior design - it is not just a functional element, but a nice addition to the modern design. Perhaps that is why it is increasingly used nowadays. It looks very classy and elegant with its filigree design, it spices up the interior, and leaves plenty of sunlight to enter.

how to build floating stairs? we answer this question with our designs, ideas and tips for  floating staircase design, floating stairs designs, floating LED stair lights, wood, glass metal stair designs and railings

Thus, the floating staircase design is better, it is often made of the same material as the flooring, marble floor tiles and marble steps. In this way, the interior designers create visual connection between the first and second floor. The glass staircase is really eye-catcher and a perfect choice for small houses, it makes the room appear larger. Glass railing often give the noble architectural element the finishing touch.
Here we've answered your question of how to build floating stairs?

Floating staircase design - How to build floating stairs

floating stairs designs, self supported internal staircase

Elegant floating stairs designs: wall decoration, space saving, lighting

How to build a floating staircase? in today's article we provide you with ideas and advice for floating stairs designs, floating stairs with LED lighting, glass stair railing, space saving floating stairs design, floating glass stairs, floating wood stairs designs

The floating stairs designs are the perfect combination of light weight and small footprint. They are a type of staircase which designed without the usual supporting structure, and therefore without silt, and whose stability and solidity are guaranteed by the anchoring of each step in the wall. In today's article, we will show how to build a floating staircase?

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How to build a floating staircase? glass floating stairs with LED lighting

floating glass stairs,how to build a floating staircase
floating glass stairs: air floating glass stairs

Unique stainless steel staircase railng: modern stair railings

Cells ® is a decorative railing system inspired by nature. The exclusive banister design is part of the Dutch Manifaktur Đ•eStairs . The flexible  stainless steel stair railing can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Therefore, any Cells® stainless steel staircase railing is unique and could be described as an art object.

Eye catching staircase railing design made of stainless steel, the interior stair railings in modern style gives the staircase design an elegant look.

 modern stair railing ideas and designs

Stainless steel stair railing - staircase design with railings
staircase railing design, spindle cells

9 Interesting interior stairs design ideas with low budget

 The staircase is a remarkable element at home. An interesting interior stairs design brings good atmosphere for house and can solve some problems in the house design . That's why we present to you the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. We bring to you some examples of modern staircase designs with their clean lines and the use of modern materials reflect current construction and modernization. So you can choose the right staircase that suits you.

Interior stairs design- space saving stairs on a budget

modern staircase design spiral stair for small spaces

Striking suspended metal staircase design in bold red

The new metal staircase design from Do Ho Suh won the admiration of all the artists and participant in London's Tate Modern gallery. The project is called "Staircase III" the staircase hanging from the ceiling with 12 steps. It is not intended for everyday use, but it's for sculpture aesthetics. The metal staircase design of Do Ho Suh is from the unique and functional design Diapo.

modern metal staircase design: suspended stairs

metal staircase design from Do Ho Suh - metal stairs

Outdoor modern staircase design with colored LED lights

This outdoor modern staircase design was designed by the architectural studio Gillespie Yunnie. The specialty of this staircase is not only the modern design, but also the integrated LED lighting that makes up the stairs in the evening a real spectacle.
The modern staircase design was built next to an old historic stone wall of Royal William Yard. The modern design and the bright LED lights create a pleasant contrast with the ancient wall architecture. The modern staircase lighting ensure a beautiful view of the harbor.

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Modern staircase design with integrated LED lighting

LED stair light purple for sun dawn

Cool indoor stair lighting ideas: LED stair lights

Indoor stair lighting has a practical function, as well as decoration purpose. one of the stair lighting ideas is installing LED stair lights on the stair wall. Depending on the size of the stairs 3 or 4 lights should be sufficient. In this case, the rectangular shape of the lights fit the design of the stairs and integrate with the entire device.

Indoor stair lighting: LED lighting as stairs decoration

indoor stair lighting Installed lights inside of the wall

How to build a garden stairs design as a decorative element?

Stairs in the garden are designed to overcome differences in height, but at the same time to be an integral part of the space composition and insert an aesthetic accent in the outdoor area. This helps us not only to go on steep terrain on foot, but also decorate the garden. With garden stairs designs, the garden is made ​​even more interesting and it looks different. This means you can create the garden staircase design on slopes as well as on flat terrain. Let's show you our garden stairs designs.

garden stairs designs - outdoor stairs

garden stairs designs: playful garden with decorative stairs lighting

Flexible spiral staircase design of fiberglass: New stairs concept

The Italian studio Disguincio & Co has developed a concept for a spiral staircase design that made ​​of fiberglass . The Folio spiral stairs design consists of a sequence of steps that slot together. Each tread is flexible and relatively shaky, but when they put together ,the whole staircase will be stable and robust. Each element has a deep relationship with others and this interdependence creates a stable system. Beside the simplicity of each step the fiberglass stairs designs gets the whole structure of an expressive look And visually appealing synthesis of functionality and elegance. 

spiral staircase design, fiberglass stairs design, spiral stairs

15 Modern stairs design ideas for luxury large homes

The modern stairs designs construction can hardly be described in one word - today the stairs are not only practical, but also look architecturally. The beautiful stair design ideas are not just have a good quality, but also provide a decorative element for modern living rooms, halls or outdoors.

The modern stair designs - materials, designs, ideas

modern stairs designs, wooden stairs

Floating stairs design made of concrete for modern room

concrete stairs design with floating structure

In the white room, the stairs design in black cement just give relief to the room. floating design without risers and railings, this stairs design has an ultra design side.

concrete staircase design with floating design for modern interior

8 Modern spiral stairs design ideas for small home

When you must install stairs in a small space, the spiral stairs design is certainly the ideal solution. In addition to requiring only a small space, the support of the lateral wall is not necessary. By cons, spirals stairs design is less useful when it comes time to mount large furniture, for example. And it is not very safe when you have young children.

compact Spiral stairs designs for small spaces

white spiral stairs design with creative lighting system

Floating stairs design with built-in lighting system

creative floating stairs design with built-in lighting

The picture is for floating stairs design made of metal and glass. Floating stairs are dangerous to climb especially in the dark, to Avoid unpleasant surprises, I bring to you this stairs design idea: floating stairs with built-in lighting system to illuminate the staircase and provide you from obstruction.

Elegant floating stairs designs: wall decoration, space saving, lighting

creative floating stairs design with built-in-lighting system

Creative painted stairs idea to perform yourself

creative painted stairs design to perform yourself

Convert your stairs into an original design with paint, although this creative painted stairs design is very beautiful and original, it's easy to perform on your old stairs design that need to be painted and renovated.

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creative painted stairs ideas for staircase renovation

Staircase renovation options: stone wall (8 designs)

Trendy Staircase renovation ideas: Stone wall

Wooden staircase renovation ideas - Stone wall