concrete stairs design with floating structure

In the white room, the stairs design in black cement just give relief to the room. floating design without risers and railings, this stairs design has an ultra design side.

concrete staircase design with floating design for modern interior
When you must install stairs in a small space, the spiral stairs design is certainly the ideal solution. In addition to requiring only a small space, the support of the lateral wall is not necessary. By cons, spirals stairs design is less useful when it comes time to mount large furniture, for example. And it is not very safe when you have young children.

compact Spiral stairs designs for small spaces

white spiral stairs design with creative lighting system

creative floating stairs design with built-in lighting

The picture is for floating stairs design made of metal and glass. Floating stairs are dangerous to climb especially in the dark, to Avoid unpleasant surprises, I bring to you this stairs design idea: floating stairs with built-in lighting system to illuminate the staircase and provide you from obstruction.

creative floating stairs design with built-in-lighting system

creative painted stairs design to perform yourself

Convert your stairs into an original design with paint, although this creative painted stairs design is very beautiful and original, it's easy to perform on your old stairs design that need to be painted and renovated.

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creative painted stairs ideas for staircase renovation

Trendy Staircase renovation ideas: Stone wall

Wooden staircase renovation ideas - Stone wall

Staircase wall decorating ideas with paint and wallpaper

Decorating the staircase wall can turn that staircase in a substantial proportion of the house visual point.The staircase design I show you today is part of a decoration of Diamond Baratta Design , a study of design formed by William Diamond and Anthony Baratta, whose works are characterized by harmonizing between functionality, originality, luxury, modernity and the use of color in decorating. Though the colors that have been used to decorate this impressive staircase are in the predominantly black and white. This is a simple white stair railing and handrails in dark wood color that go unnoticed with the impressive mural that decorates staircase wall and ceiling . gotta say I have not found information on the technique used to decorate these staircase walls, but it can be wallpaper or a print design directly paint on those walls. What I doubt is that this awesome striped mural is a good idea for any staircase wall decorating , be achieved with the technique whatever. This amazing mural that decorates the walls and ceiling of a staircase is simple and random like messy painting of a child. They are lines that seem drawn without order over the entire surface of the walls and ceiling around the staircase . 

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creative staircase wall decorating ideas using paint

Staircase wall decor ideas

The staircase wall decoration can be a challenge. One of the reasons is its odd shape and location. Some people find that the staircase wall decor is a challenge because as you go up each step, the height of the wall also changes, giving uneven heights. The main thing is how you can add decorations without making the wall look unbalanced or out of place. 

staircase wall decor ideas, creative wallpaper