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Unique stainless steel staircase railng: modern stair railings

Cells ® is a decorative railing system inspired by nature. The exclusive banister design is part of the Dutch Manifaktur Đ•eStairs . The flexible  stainless steel stair railing can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the customers. Therefore, any Cells® stainless steel staircase railing is unique and could be described as an art object.

Eye catching staircase railing design made of stainless steel, the interior stair railings in modern style gives the staircase design an elegant look.

 modern stair railing ideas and designs

Stainless steel stair railing - staircase design with railings
staircase railing design, spindle cells
stainless steel stair railing, white cells design
The central theme of the Cells ® Design by organic shapes of the stairs and railings, which have been inspired by nature. The cells vary in size, depending on whether the large cells could be dangerous for the children. Since the  stainless steel stair railing is made ​​entirely of steel, it is available in any color. The staircase railing design can be straight or curved installed. The inspiration for this  stair staircase railing design applies the flexible diagram, which divides the space into regions.

Stainless steel stair railing - Staircase railing design

stainless steel stair railing, spiral staircase
The stairs are usually made from walnut, which creates a striking contrast with the white steel. All in all, this  stainless steel stair railing is a functional object and connects the floors of a building with each other, but in an artful way. These decorative cells give the stainless steel staircase railing a personal character. The high-quality materials and beautiful combinations result in a distinctive staircase railing design. These  stainless steel stair railing can be in both public buildings such as the Office of Vodafone in Amsterdam, as well as in private homes. The last project of the company is actually a home in England, where the railing system was equipped with smaller cells and a magical LED lighting.

 stainless steel stair railing, the England house project

staircase railing ideas, stair railings ideas

 stainless steel stair railing, Vodafone office design in Amsterdam
staircase railing design, modern interior design
staircase railing design, spindle cells
staircase railing design, wood gradually decorated
stainless steel staircase railing, inner staircase

Spiral staircase design with stainless steel stair railing

stainless steel staircase railing, spiral staircase wood gradually designed

stainless steel staircase railing, spiral staircase with glass cells