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Outdoor modern staircase design with colored LED lights

This outdoor modern staircase design was designed by the architectural studio Gillespie Yunnie. The specialty of this staircase is not only the modern design, but also the integrated LED lighting that makes up the stairs in the evening a real spectacle.
The modern staircase design was built next to an old historic stone wall of Royal William Yard. The modern design and the bright LED lights create a pleasant contrast with the ancient wall architecture. The modern staircase lighting ensure a beautiful view of the harbor.

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Modern staircase design with integrated LED lighting

LED stair light purple for sun dawn

outdoor staircase lighting ideas

modern staircase design create a pleasant contrast with the ancient wall
The staircase design in Royal William Yard was designed with his angular geometric shapes. LED stairs light put shows in the evening, where the real charm of the project are revealed. The stairs were equipped with LED lights from both sides that glow in different colors in the dark. Therefore, it is quite fascinating when you see the staircase in the evening in blue, purple, yellow or red lights. Finally we present to you the modern staircase design in Plymoth peach.
LED stair light green lighting from the inside

Outdoor LED stair lights and lighting ideas

LED stair light red color illuminated with panoramic views
modern staircase lighting blue LED color fitting with the view

colored LED lights for outdoor staircase

modern staircase lighting bright yellow for the night
modern staircase lighting connecting the top of the wall to the base