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How to build a garden stairs design as a decorative element?

Stairs in the garden are designed to overcome differences in height, but at the same time to be an integral part of the space composition and insert an aesthetic accent in the outdoor area. This helps us not only to go on steep terrain on foot, but also decorate the garden. With garden stairs designs, the garden is made ​​even more interesting and it looks different. This means you can create the garden staircase design on slopes as well as on flat terrain. Let's show you our garden stairs designs.

garden stairs designs - outdoor stairs

garden stairs designs: playful garden with decorative stairs lighting

garden staircase design - landscaping tips
garden stairs designs: geometric stairs with beautiful landscape
Different height levels create new and unusual places where The stairs in the garden are needed. You often get varied landscapes, interesting light and shadow play in your garden. There you can certainly create your perfect place to sit outdoors. Two steps are enough to mark the beginning of the stairway. You can make various corners to rest and relax, benches, garden statues or a gazebo. If your garden is large enough, you can consider the idea of a small playground for children and adults. So your garden will be truly unique and reflect your personality and style.
outdoor stairs design - the shape depends on the degree of slope and the location
garden staircase design: green garden stairs with landscapes
The garden stairs can be combined in a stairway or only a few stairs which are individually, within walking distance of each other. Their kind depends on the terrain and their position in the garden of the house. Before creating the garden stairs you must consider several questions. In order to have a safe, reliable and comfortable stairway, you should properly estimate how long it should be. In addition, the height and depth of the step is crucial. These dimensions are calculated mathematically. It's a simple formula that helps you to construct the stairs properly. It is believed that a human step is approximately 61-65 centimeters. This makes an average of 62.5 cm. According to the criteria for comfort and safety of this dimension is the sum of two step heights and width. For example, 16 cm + 16 cm + 30 cm = 62 cm.
Make stairs in the garden
garden stairs designs: modern wooden stairs with different high-terrain
In contrast to the house stairs, the staircases in the garden give you greater freedom in the design, because the dimensions of the stage are not absolutely necessary. You can be much wider than that of the internal staircase or be framed in an unusual shape. If you have a really steep terrain and you want to create the garden stairs, it should not be too steep in any case, the step height should not be more than 10-15 cm. A good stair in the garden is not less than 30 cm wide. The width should be at least 50-60 cm. The stairs on steep terrain must be secured with a railing, at least on one side.
How to pep up the garden stairs designs on right?
outdoor stairs design: natural stone stairs with pebbles

Outdoor garden staircase design ideas

In The terrain with small slope degree, you can drag the staircase with decorative elements. For example, you can put interesting decoration on both sides wide sloping staircase. At the both ends of the broad steps you can put flower pots, decorative sculptures stand and vases. Even grass can be planted on the both sides of the stairs. Interesting solutions arise when you use different step shapes, a circle, semicircle or other irregular shapes are also popular. It is not recommended to apply only a single step, do this only if it is necessary.
What materials are recommended for the garden staircase design?

garden stairs designs: geometric stairs with beautiful grass
The stairs in the garden are usually made ​​of reinforced concrete, finished concrete blocks or stones. Their surface should be tilted slightly so we will ensure simple drainage during the rain. After you have created the garden stairs, you also take care of decorative elements around it, so that you can achieve a striking look. The material of the stairs must be durable and weather resistant with a rough surface for good walking in wet and rainy weather.
garden stairs designs on the architecture of the House
garden stairs designs: overgrown stairs with beautiful plants
Through the garden stairs, the style of the house can be romantic, rustic or modern. The most suitable materials for the garden stairs are natural materials, stone and wood. You have several options for decorative arrangement and design of stairs with irregular shapes. Innovative solutions can occur with the combination of small and large blocks of stone, brick and stone in contrasting colors.
Wooden outdoor stairs design
garden staircase design: beautiful wooden staircase
Recently, artificial stone slabs are much more common which mimic the different natural materials. Very elegant cover of the stairs can be achieved by wood panels. This is a special type of wood which is resistant to weather conditions and treated from moisture and rot.
garden stairs designs - Creating a terraced garden lawn
garden stairs designs: green lawn terraces and great landscape
Easy-covered stairs joints
outdoor stairs design: stone stairs with beautiful landscape
Stairs with rounded edges
garden stairs designs: beautiful garden and Stairs with rounded edges
Natural stone stairs
garden stairs designs: Natural sandstone stairs with beautiful plants
Sandstone and brick as materials for the construction of garden stairs designs
garden staircase design: natural brick-stone stairs with beautiful landscape
outdoor stairs design with wood panels
garden stairs designs: geometric wooden stairs with guardrail
Let us show you other garden stairs designs.
outdoor stairs design: beautiful stone stairs with wonderful landscape

garden stairs designs: stairs with paving stone and rounded edge