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8 floating metal staircase designs for minimalist interior

Floating staircase designs are so beautiful, there is nobody says they aren't but some people think that such staircase designs are dangerous.

Metal staircase designs with floating structure

Floating metal staircase designs can be with railings or without, if you aren't one of the people who loves to live on the edge (brave and fresh people) it's recommended for you to choose the metal staircase with railings especially if you have kids lives in the certain home.

floating metal staircase designs with net railings
floating metal staircase designs are suitable for modern and minimalism styles in the interior, in modern interior they are space saving staircase because you can use the space under them thanks to their structure, but in the minimalist interior you can't.
today we provide you with collection of metal staircases with floating design to inspire you if you are going to install a staircase in your home.

minimalist metal staircase designs with floating structure

floating metal staircase designs: selected models

metal spiral staircase with colorful floating structure

The rainbow metal spiral staircase design in the house is a magical oasis on a busy road filled with people and noise. When you step through its stairs it makes you cheerful and optimistic and gives you the ability to continue in your day challenges. for more details about this metal staircase : here

metal staircase designs made of thick metal tape
This metal staircase design is constructed from 10 mm thick sheet metal. this metal tape is formed as adjoining pairs of steps that were installed from one side on the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. to carry out this metal staircase design you don't need too much money, and you don't need manufacturer person or company. its easy to make it in any turning workshop.
this staircase design save the space under the stairs , so you can carry out this design in the main living room in the home. more details here 

floating metal staircase designs for small areas
floating staircase design made of metal for minimalist interior
white metal staircase with floating design