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Wooden stairs treads, designs and tips for installation

Wooden stairs designs - the most common material for the manufacture of stairs designs. In many cases, this is the only available material and having a long history of use in stairs manufacturing.

creative wooden stairs treads with geometric design

Wooden stair treads, paints, installation and characteristics 

Humidity of wood used should be between 6-12%. Stage stringer, handrail, riser, pole support, baluster (60 mm) - to be glued from several bars, according to the technology of laying and gluing. The geometry of all the products must be correct in order to exclude the possibility of further deformation in the process of manufacture and operation of the wooden stairs.
wooden stair treads with dark brown paint
Wooden stairs can be painted in any color, as with the use of stains and color toning lacquers and various enamels and paints. Wooden stairs painting process largely depends on the design of stairs, which should match the interior style of your home. But you need to understand that wooden stairs paint is impossible after it has been installed. All work associated with the coated elements stain, varnish and paint, must be carried out prior to assembly of the stairs.

modern wooden stair treads
wooden stairs are traditional, available and its design can be completely diverse. but this type also has disadvantages: vulnerability in case of fire, unsuitability for active commercial use (shops, public buildings, etc..)

spiral staircase with wooden stair treads
Wood species available on the market are mainly limited (oak, beech, pine, ash and larch). The less common species you wish to apply for the manufacture of stairs, the more carefully it is necessary to refer to the selection. This is due to the fact that rare breed, with limited demand, usually have a high price, and if you are invited to, say, cherry, oak and costs, then you should have questions regarding the quality of this product.

wooden stairs designs: photo gallery

spiral wooden stairs designs with beautiful handrails 
spiral wooden stairs designs for small areas
wooden stairs with modern structure
space saving wooden stairs designs with partition
wooden stairs with streamlined design