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10 staircase designs in hi-tech style

10 Staircase designs were designed according to the principles of high-tech style, and what are the characteristics of this style

Characteristics of staircase designs in hi-tech style 

New technologies have become an integral part of modern life. We use new technology everywhere, and, of course, often at home. Hi-Tech - a combination of modern solutions and comfort items. the main concept of staircase designs in Hi-Tech style is that there is not any hidden technical parts and assemblies. In the Hi-Tech style focuses just on that, in order to show all the achievements of the scientific and engineering thought.

hi-tech spiral staircase designs with LED lighting of glass panels
concrete staircase designs for hi-tech interior style
Staircase designs in the style of hi-tech are made only of concrete or metal that can be combined with glass, plastic or other synthetic material. These staircase designs are assumed to be open. Staircase designs in the style of Hi-tech inherent simplicity and rigor, only straight lines and simple geometric shapes. All kinds of decorative elements - fasteners, rivets, metal pipes - all on open display. What usually try to hide on the stairs in front of the high-tech, open. These open functional parts are the basis of style. High-tech is different direct and rapid lines, shapes with sharp edges, and most often made of concrete or metal.

hi-tech staircase designs with frosted glass panels and stainless steel railings

Hi-tech staircase designs: photo selection

On the one hand the high-tech in the staircase designs - it seems to be extremely cold and technicality, but on the other hand is a very harmony in combination of light and space, color and shape of objects, ideal proportions and maximum functional use of space.

spirals staircase designs - metal structure and glass panels
staircase designs in hi-tech style with LED lighting glass panels
staircase designs - glass panels - stainless steel railings
metal staircase designs made of perforated sheet of metal