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Cool indoor stair lighting ideas: LED stair lights

Indoor stair lighting has a practical function, as well as decoration purpose. one of the stair lighting ideas is installing LED stair lights on the stair wall. Depending on the size of the stairs 3 or 4 lights should be sufficient. In this case, the rectangular shape of the lights fit the design of the stairs and integrate with the entire device.

Indoor stair lighting: LED lighting as stairs decoration

indoor stair lighting Installed lights inside of the wall
stair lighting ideas Installed lights inside of the wall
The second photo presents a similar example, but in this case the lights are larger. But of course, the design of the staircase is not the same. This is made of wood and has a more solid look, therefore, the indoor LED stair lighting also chosen to match with this detail.

decorative LED stair lights and lighting ideas

stair light ideas decorate the stair with small lights

This is another type of indoor stair lighting. These can be mounted on the wall here, and they have a design that transpires light in different directions and contribute to the overall interior design. They look like little stars. They are subtle and chic and fit the whole design of the stairs.
indoor stair lighting decorate the wall and stairs with lights 

Creative Indoor stair lighting ideas 

In another stair light ideas, LED stair lights are install in the stairs themselves. Each level has a small floor lamp on the edge, which illuminates the way.
LED stair lights are install in the stairs themselves
Another option for indoor stair lighting is to integrate the lights in front the stairs. It is an option that not only saves some space,  they are practical and stylish from. Most modern homes choose this type of LED stair lighting, and it goes well with minimalist interiors.
stair lighting ideas integrate the lights in front the stairs

modern staircase design with built-in-stair-lights

There is a fourth type of indoor stair lighting. The LED stair lights are illuminated from below. The lights are vague and subtle and visible only in the small part that separates the staircase from the adjacent wall.
LED stair lighting Illumination from below
LED stair lights indirect lighting

stair lighting ideas Illumination from below