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Metal spiral staircase designs and tips for installation

spiral staircase designs in the interior

Spiral staircase designs are an architectural element where design and art meet. Spiral staircases made of metal are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, allowing you to save floor space while connecting two floors. They can also be used to achieve balconies, attics or terraces. By creating your own design, you can customize the angle of the curve and make sure that the structure will have the look as you want.

metal spiral staircase with streamlined design

modern spiral staircase designs made of metal
spiral staircase designs- metal structure and glass panels
space saving spiral staircase designs for minimalist interior

instructions for metal spiral staircase installations

Note the height between floors or terminated platforms that connect via the spiral staircase, because this will help you determine the number of tracks (surface steps) and risers (raised portions of the steps) that need and the impact generated by the degree of the curve. For example, if you use a spiral staircase design in an average space (a square room of 13 x 13 feet or 4 x 4 meters), the structure will rotate 240 degrees. If the height from floor to floor is between 76.5 and 85.5 inches (1.94 and 2.17 meters), you'll need about eight tracks and nine risers. If the distance between the platforms is greater than 85.5 inches (2.17 meters), you must add a stair and an additional riser for every 9.5 inches (24 centimeters) tall. The angle 30 degrees, especially if you install staircase designs with a strong spiral this rate will also increase.

metal spiral staircase with wooden steps for security
metal spiral staircases with wooden treads
Determine the amount of space you have in the room so you can calculate the diameter of your spiral staircase design. If you are adding a spiral staircase to a large entrance hall, you need to have enough space for a large, comfortable curve develops when climbing space. In smaller spaces, however, the curve will always be more just. The length of the traces that are used can also affect the diameter of spiral staircase designs.

metal spiral staircase with panels were painted in rainbow colors
Choose the type of curve you want to have in the metal spiral staircase. Different types of staircases include those whose tracks "radiate" around a central support post. spiral staircase can be "independent" style and meander down wearing a loose and open aspect. the staircase with an elliptical design has no sharper than a spiral staircase curves. Instead, the staircase looks more like a kind of coil stretching.

metal spiral staircase for space saving 

spiral staircase railings and steps

In a spiral steel staircase type the stairs can be smooth or have skid paint for extra security. In this type of ladder steps or traces are generally angled at one end and are wedge-shaped. If you choose to use wooden tracks, you still have the view of the metal, because the reality must build frames angled to grip the wooden slats. Remember that the tracks should be as wide as possible to ensure the safety of those who use it. The tracks that are too narrow can make it difficult that you keep your balance when you put your foot to climb.

metal spiral staircase railings with decorative lights
wooden stairs with metal staircase railings
The design of metal spiral staircase railing or balustrade. A railing is essential to help ensure the safety of people in your home, especially in the narrow stairs. You can design metal staircase railings, glass, wood or wrought iron decorative handmade details. You can choose a spiral staircase handrails of the same materials as the rail or opt for aluminum, stone or glass. According to the website Winstaco, a leading staircase manufacturer in Europe, spiral staircase designs look great when they have a combination of two materials. In the spiral staircases, balusters should generally be round, but you can order a rectangular or square shape. Taper also works where each piece has a wide and thinner end . Winstaco recommends using a railing with round balusters least 60 millimeters wide at a spiral staircase as well as being safer provide a warmer environment; but of course, you can also order them in stainless steel, just do not forget that should provide you with the security you need.
white spiral staircase railings made of metal
metal spiral staircase railings