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20 Painted stairs ideas: a way to renovate your home

We usually talk about the staircase designs, materials, installations and security, all this things belongs to who wants to build stairs in his new home, but when I have an old home and i'm going to renovate it, these matters don't belong to me.

Painted stairs options and stair wallpaper patterns

So, today in this article we combined to you a selection of photos for painted stairs ideas and designs for who wants to renovate his old stairs (made of wood, concrete of metal) with low-cost. these painted stairs designs are easy to carryout in one day without any need to specialists or manufactures.

creative painted stairs with 3D circles
 creative painted stairs - 3D circles combine the stairs and the wall beside them, this idea isn't easy to carry out unlike the other ideas below

painted stair ideas - rainbow colors on the stairs
 the rainbow paint colors will never be old fashion, painted stairs in like rainbow is easy to do yourself, buy the colors and then border the stair in process and paint it, make these steps in each stair and don't forget to order the colors like the rainbow exactly.

painted stairs options- polka dots

painted stairs with polka dots in pink color, this option of painting stairs in suitable for the staircase that leads to of from girl's room or women's room but it doesn't suit the men's or the couples bedroom

modern painted stairs with zebra pattern
 for zebra pattern lovers, this option you can do wit stairs paint as well as patterned wallpaper.

modern panted stairs ideas - white-yellow-blue color combination
You also can renovate your old stairs by painting them with the colors that fit your home interior colors or with the same color. in the previous photo the wooden stairs were painted in 3 colors fits the white walls.

painted stairs - wooden color instead of the carpet
Instead of the carpet you can paint the stairs like the photo above, this option is more secure than the carpet because there is no think can move on the stairs like the carpet

painted stairs like piano
painted stairs ideas - chalkboard 
For how have kids live in the home, this option (painted stairs like chalkboard) gives the home a sense of joy.

pan-tone painted stairs
painted stair ideas - chevron
painted stairs with hand paintings
spiral stairs renovating with patterned wallpaper
stairs renovation with floral wallpaper

stairs decor ideas - wallpaper with patterns