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8 Modern spiral stairs design ideas for small home

When you must install stairs in a small space, the spiral stairs design is certainly the ideal solution. In addition to requiring only a small space, the support of the lateral wall is not necessary. By cons, spirals stairs design is less useful when it comes time to mount large furniture, for example. And it is not very safe when you have young children.

compact Spiral stairs designs for small spaces

white spiral stairs design with creative lighting system
Spiral stairs design is an architectural element where design and art meet. Spiral stairs made of metal are suitable for use indoors and outdoors, allowing you to save floor space while connecting two floors. They can also be used to achieve balconies, attics or terraces. By creating your own design, you can customize the angle of the curve and make sure that the structure will have the look as you want.

modern spiral stairs design totally made of metal
metal spiral stairs with wooden steps for secure climbing

We offer several spiral stairs models on this page. You will see that, by their designs, they add much elegance to the interior. Finally, if this type of staircase meets your needs, it is possible to build a custom design, with the materials you have selected.

wooden spiral stairs design with glass staircase panels
This design of spiral stairs was made of wood with glass panels, the idea in this staircase is that it was designed for square space and make use of each square inch in the available space. this spiral stairs design enables you to add decor by using the walls around it by paint and wallpaper or even stone wall, we previously shared an article about this process: Top 25 staircase wall decorating ideas for all types.

spiral stairs design with leather steps for security
elegant spiral stairs design made of metal for entrance