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Top 25 staircase wall decorating ideas - stair wall decoration

The stair wall decoration can be a challenge. see our collection of staircase wall decor ideas for modern stairs designs and types, stair wall decorating ideas

Staircase wall decor ideas  - modern stair wall decoration

The staircase wall decoration can be a challenge. One of the reasons is its odd shape and location. Some people find that the staircase wall decor is a challenge because as you go up each step, the height of the wall also changes, giving uneven heights. The main thing is how you can add decorations without making the wall look unbalanced or out of place. 

Elegant floating stairs designs: wall decoration, space saving, lighting

staircase wall decor ideas, creative wallpaper
staircase wall decoration - stone wall 
Often people adding decorations on the staircase can not decide whether to hang paintings , family photos, wallpaper or other art forms. The wall is intimidating because some of the pieces do not have the size or the right color for the wall. One thing to keep in mind and that although the staircase wall could have a different shape or size, is nothing more than a wall. Forget the stairs; It is a wall no matter what you put into it. Hang family pictures, paintings or any work of art should be like hanging on a level long as you remember the rule of thumb when placed at eye level wall.

wallpaper ideas for staircase wall decoration
staircase wall decor ideas- lighting scones

How to decorate staircase wall with paint ideas

How can I use paint for staircase wall decorating?  you can paint it a different or complementary hue to make it match the rest of the walls of the house. you can highlight the staircase wall if you use solid colors that could be combined with some accessories art house. You can also add some painting techniques such as sponge, mop or printed, to make it more interesting. The stencil is also a way to add color on staircase wall. Place them along the edges, near the threshold of the stairs. This will give an extra decorative touch to the bottom edge. how to decorate staircase walls with creative stair wall decorating ideas
staircase wall painting ideas - random lines around the staircase
paint techniques for staircase wall decorating

Painted staircase wall with stripes. Use horizontal or vertical stripes. The horizontal wall can give stairs a longer or wider appearance, while vertical will give a higher aspect. Paint stripes would be ideal for small houses and cellars where space is minimal.

staircase wall painting options
creative staircase wall decorating ideas

Staircase wall decoration with paintings, frames and mirrors

How to complete the staircase wall decoration with frames? When you hang pictures on the staircase wall, think about eye level on the step in which you're aligned to the wall. Hang several similar frames at different levels within the next few inches higher than the previous to mimic the direction of the stairs. As you climb, each piece will also rise.

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ideas for hanging pictures on staircase steps 
By choosing the right size, make sure they are well prefer the overall height of the staircase. If you hang too small paintings, they will be lost on the wall. If they are too large, they will be huge and heavy for the staircase wall. Some people choose to put many pieces on the wall. To avoid messing up the look of the staircase, try pieces on the first floor. Align them the way you want to hang. You can use templates to hang on the wall and see how it would be complete with all staircase wall decor. Avoid filling the wall too much. Add mirrors to give light to the dark stairs. Mirrors can add illusion of space, and that make the area look bigger. Finally, use a level to make sure that the parts are not twisted or tilted.

staircase wall decoration - family picture tree
staircase decoration - two lines of pictures are different in size