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Striking suspended metal staircase design in bold red

The new metal staircase design from Do Ho Suh won the admiration of all the artists and participant in London's Tate Modern gallery. The project is called "Staircase III" the staircase hanging from the ceiling with 12 steps. It is not intended for everyday use, but it's for sculpture aesthetics. The metal staircase design of Do Ho Suh is from the unique and functional design Diapo.

modern metal staircase design: suspended stairs

metal staircase design from Do Ho Suh - metal stairs
In this article we will show you the new metal staircase design from Do Ho Suh. In The first place, the appropriate materials: The materials should be lightweight and stable. In order to meet individual customer requirements, and reduce weight significantly, the design team at Diapo created a contemporary design made ​​of perforated steel sheet, which is visible through the perforations from all sides.

red staircase, metal stairs design
Metal staircase design with dimensions 5 × 4 m and with transparent railings steel sheets. The laser-cut sheets make it possible to see the structure as a unit. The elements of the staircase are fixed to each other, then the staircase mounted to the ceiling.

metal staircase design in red for elegant interior
The lightweight staircase gives hardly any shade, takes up very little space and is a real eye-catcher. The contemporary metal staircase design "upside down" is the timeless art of MCEscher.
Transparent stair steps, metal stairs design
modern in door stairs, metal staircase design
Modern Design from Do Ho Suh, metal stairs design 2015
metal staircase design for luxury lovers 2015
red staircase, suspended staircase design
red in door stair, metal stairs design