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Staircase renovation options: stone wall (8 designs)

Trendy Staircase renovation ideas: Stone wall

Wooden staircase renovation ideas - Stone wall
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In this post I'm looking for ideas for my staircase renovation. The problem is: the wall gathers all the grime and dirt from the hands of my children because they prefer to rely on it rather than just holding the railing. My white and bright staircase design is always made ​​a mess and painting the staircase walls is a chore. A solution that has come to mind is the stone wall, this option of staircase renovation protect the wall from the dirt in addition to its long-life, I share a lot of inspiring photos:

staircase wall renovating - covering with stone
modern staircase renovation - brick wall with lighting scones
concrete staircase renovating with stone wall
brick wall for staircase renovation